Agribusiness Consulting


The global agricultural industry is uniquely positioned to meet the demand of the world’s expanding population. This demand is being driven by a growing middle class with a greater appetite for protein and better quality food. In addition, increasing consumer awareness of the food and fiber the world is consuming is driving changes in diet and purchasing choices.

Pedago Africa Consults advises and engages clients across the entire agribusiness value chain in addressing a range of strategic, commercial and operational issues. We understand the unique dynamics and economics of agricultural markets, as well as the critical issues and challenges facing operators seeking to grow and elevate their performance.

Challenges: Food scarcity is the major challenge of the today’s world. We are in a constant state of crisis: Every day at least 16,000 children die of malnutrition, almost 1 billion people of today’s 6.3 billion world population are undernourished. It is also a well-known fact that the modern food production contributes to global warming. Ongoing energy crisis since modern industrial farming – including the whole food processing and distribution process – consumes largest amount of all the fossil fuels. Modern industrial farming – which in the last 40 to 60 years was regarded as crucial to have helped to feed the world, is now entering a vicious circle where it will only increase the crisis instead of showing a way out.

Pedago Africa Consults and its overseas partner Pedaver works with agribusiness industry players and investors across virtually all segments of the crop, livestock and aquaculture value chains, including agricultural inputs, equipment and machinery, large-scale cultivation, organic farming, processing/milling/refining, logistics and distribution. Our deep agribusiness sector expertise and growth strategy development capabilities enable us to deliver uniquely rich insights that lead to meaningful impact to our clients. Core areas of focus include:

  • Growth strategy development
  • Value chain enhancement strategy and transaction support
  • Go-to-market strategy and execution
  • Business performance improvement
  • Strategy activation/execution
  • Employment Generation
  • Agricultural Extension and Training
  • Sales and Leasing of Patented Mechanized farming machines
  • Research and Development
  • Advisory Services

Our Solutions

Based on the combined expertise of our strategic partnership alliance in the agribusiness space, we support our clients in addressing critical issues such as:

  • How to best respond to global growth trends and opportunities in agribusiness as the global demand for food – particularly proteins – continues to rise
  • How to cope with the demand for land, water, soil management, farming practice, tools and equipment
  • Where to seek growth opportunities – both organic and inorganic – beyond core geographic markets and in adjacent sectors
  • How to develop effective strategy and roadmap that prioritizes growth pathways and targets
  • How to win in existing and new markets vs. established competitors
  • How to integrate acquired companies more effectively to optimize performance and attain strategic goals
  • How to develop more effective commercial capabilities and align with customer needs and preferences
  • How to generate sustainable employment opportunities, and produce wealth